iPhone 6 Breakdown: Release Date, Rumors, and Reboots

We’ve decided to scour the web and learn more about Apple’s latest installment to the iPhone family tree: the eagerly awaited iPhone 6. With plenty of rumors to sift through, it looks like the release date may still be many months away. Some companies are predicting a Fall 2014 release, just in time for back-to-school sales in the United States. As they say, timing is everything, so why wait so long?

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Samsung Galaxy S5: a Pre-Release?

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

If you haven’t already heard, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is currently on the market for sale….in South Korea. With a worldwide, highly anticipated release date of April 11th, we’re all just a little bit surprised by the brazen tactics of SK Telecom to release the Samsung Galaxy S5 almost two weeks before everyone else. Continue reading

Nintendo: Past, Present and Future

Nintendo Logo

Nintendo Logo

The History of Nintendo

The year is 1889 and a unknown start up makes it’s debut. On September 29th 1889 in Kyoto, Japan the most recognizable name in Gaming, Nintendo was born. As a start up company selling trading cards Nintendo had a long future ahead of themselves. Fast forward almost 100 years to 1983. Nintendo enters the home video game market with it’s Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan known as the Famicom. Some of our most beloved video game characters are created in Mario, Link, Samus, and Donkey Kong. The year 1990 rolls around and the Super Nintendo Entertainment system is born. The 16 bit era has arrived and along with it our favorite characters return along with new additions. Continue reading

Moto X: When is a Phone Truly Yours?

Hello Moto!

With customization being the new big thing and everyone wanting something truly unique, how can you be the orange among apples? This is a battle that’s been waged for some time now we see it with: clothes, cars, and cell phones. Typically a Cell phone comes in one of a few color options, notably black and white. How can you make that your own? The most obvious way is simple, a case. while cases are awesome at what they do, they often bring unwanted heft and bulkiness to the phone. No case offers pure customization either. You might be wondering, what can offer that kind of customization and free range to personalize a device to make it truly yours. Insert the Moto X and Motomaker from Motorola. A device that is so customization you’ll only want a clear case, so you can show off your handy work. Continue reading

Xbox One Console Launch Night Experience

Xbox One Midnight Launch Lead Up: Monday

You may know that recently there were a couple huge platform launches. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were released within a week of one another. While i Opted out of the November 15th Launch of the PlayStation 4 i was overjoyed and welcomed for my early morning pickup of the Xbox One. As the week grew on slowly changing days from the 18th,19th 20th and on i became extremely excited; after all this was my first ever console launch as well as the first i had paid for myself. Having Preordered the console i was all set to go for the Friday party. Monday the 18th i got a call from my local Gamestop letting me know My Xbox One Controller was in stock and i could pick it up. Overly excited i drove down right away and picked up my fresh new controller. Opening it up and holding it for the first time was incredible, Microsoft had managed to craft a better controller than the already, darn near perfect 360 controller. The D pad was redesigned, the triggers had rumble in them, the thumb sticks smaller and fitted with non slip grips. Everything was better about this controller. Continue reading

Top Ten Video Games of This Generation

The Best PS3 and Xbox 360 Games

IT’s that time again, out with the old in with the new. As of Friday November 22nd With the release of the Xbox One, The Next Generation will have arrived in full. As Sony and Microsoft have both put their new products to market the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be set on the back burner. As this day has come we’ve seen a great deal of new Game IP’s and some of our favorites continue on. Today’s list will be the top 10 games of the last generation. This is purely a list based off of My overall enjoyment, and how i feel about the game so let’s go ahead and kick this off. Continue reading

Another Day another Nexus 5 Leak

The Elephant in the Room, Google’s Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 is on everyones radar as the new handset to have. Recent rumors are flying around about the device along with it’s new flavor of android. Even making a guest appearance in the Google Play Store what has everyone up and talking about the elephant in the room?

Leaked images

Google Nexus 5 unboxing

Google Nexus 5 unboxing

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Should Nintendo be worried about the Wii U?

The Next Generation is Calling

With What many consider being the official next Generation of video gaming systems launching in under one month, where does Nintendo stand? With their release of the Wii U last November Nintendo had kicked off the next generation of console wars. As the Wii U was announced it looked so promising and just awesome. The controller for all intents and purposes was a tablet. Second screen gaming was born forcing Microsoft into the fold with Xbox Smartglass. As Nintendo has continuously innovated the way we play games, why is this console not selling the way it was projected to? Everything from Games, hardware, software, product cannibalization, and lack of development support are factors. Is the Wii U a sinking ship? Continue reading

Android 4.4 KitKat countdown Clock

Countdown to Break Time

Android 4.4 KitKat is the new hotness and everyone wants a sneak peak at the up and coming update. Google is not letting anything slip as their currently have been nothing but rumors as of late. On the Android 4.4 homepage there are subtle hints however as to the way Google is moving with it’s latest sweet treat. Embedded within the code of the page is a little line of JavaScript, which provides possible details on when we can get out hands on the final version. Looking through the source code has revealed a JavaScript file named kitkat.min.js. Hidden within that file is the code of a countdown clock. no one knows when the countdown starts or ends for that matter, leaving this to be a big mystery. Rumor around the web says the 28th is the announcement and keynote date. Given Google’s unexpected announcement of 4.4 KitKat who knows if they’ll even hold and event with prior notice. With all things happening withing the GooglePlex, lips could be sealed. We wont know until it is time for the Unveiling of Androids newest Chocolaty flavor. Below is a snapshot of the JavaScript Code.

KitKat Countdown Code

KitKat Countdown Code