How to replace or install compatible Brother TN760 / TN770 toner cartridge

If your printer uses TN760 or TN770 toner, it must also have a drum unit, DR730. Both have to be installed correctly for the printer to function properly. Please see the installation guide below. 

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1. While the printer is on, open the front cover. 

2. Remove the Drum/Toner assembly. 

3. Press down on the green level (usually on the left side) to detach the toner unit. 

How to install TN760 - Installation Guide Instructions

4. Remove all protective cover, film, or paper on the new replacement toner unit. 

5. Push the new toner cartridge firmly into the drum unit until you hear it click in. 

DR730 TN760 installation

6. Slide the green tab from left to right and vice versa several times to clean the corona wire. *Make sure the tab is returned to the Home ▲ position.

How to install TN760- Installation Guide Instructions

7. Install the Drum/Toner assembly back into the machine. 

8. Close the front cover.  

If you have just installed a new compatible TN760 or TN770 and the printer is still showing "replace toner" or "low ink", you may simply need to reset your toner. See how to do a TN760 / TN770 toner reset here. 

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