How to Reset TN760 Toner for Brother HL-L2350DW

If your new compatible TN760 toner is installed but not recognized, still showing "low toner" or "replace toner" message, follow the TN760 toner reset instructions below. 

Brother HL-L2350DW TN760 Toner Reset Instructions

1. Open front cover (ignore the “Cover is Open” message and proceed)
2. Press “Back” and “Go” buttons at the same time and release
3. Immediately press “Back” button again. The reset menu will appear. 

If you attempt several times and do not see the reset option appear, then skip to The Alternate Reset Option below. 

4. Press the “Down” button to select “TNR-HC”, then press “OK”
5. Once “Reset/Exit” message appears, press the “Down” button to confirm the reset
6. The reset is successful when the “Accepted” message appears.

The Alternate Reset Option

If the reset menu does not appear after following the steps 1 through 3 above, then manually reset.  

Go to Menu - General Setup – OK - Replace Toner – Ok – Continue – OK – Accepted. 


Go to Settings – All Settings – General Setup – Replace Toner – Continue

Have a different printer that uses TN760?

Select your printer model here to find out how to reset your toner. 

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