TN760 or TN770 Toner vs. DR730 Drum. What's the difference?

Replacing a TN760 or TN770 toner can be a bit tricky if you're not used to Brother printers. Your machine requires both toner and drum to print, and each unit is sold separately as they're replaced at different times. This guide will help you answer the following:

  • What's the difference between TN760 or TN770 toner vs. DR730 drum?
  • When do I need to replace my TN760 / TN770 and DR730?

First, why do you need both toner and drum? What's the difference?

The main difference between your toner and drum is that the toner unit contains actual toner powder while the drum unit helps to transfer the toner powder to paper. 

All laser printers need toner and drum to print, however, many brands combine toner and drum into one piece, requiring a single unit to be replaced instead of two units separately. 

TN760 / TN770 Toner looks like this:

DR730 Drum looks like this:
DR730 drum
So the toner goes INTO the drum unit like this:
TN760 DR730

TN760 toner yields 3000 pages at 5% coverage, TN770 toner yields 4500 pages, and DR730 drum yields 12,000 pages. 

This means that you can replace your DR730 once every 3 to 4 TN760 toner replacement or every 2 to 3 TN770 toner replacement. 

Or simply replace your DR730 drum when your printer indicates to replace the drum. Sometimes, poor print quality may indicate that you need a new drum as well. 

Then when do you need to replace your TN760 / TN770 toner?

If your printer shows "low toner" or "replace toner", it may be time to order that new toner. 

If you just installed a compatible TN760 or TN770 toner and the printer still shows "low toner" or "replace toner", you may simply need a quick toner reset. Click here to see how to reset TN760 / TN770 toner.  

If you start to see changes with your print quality or density, you may soon need that new toner replacement. 

Before you do, try removing the cartridge and carefully rocking side to side a few times. Do this over a piece of paper or trashcan to avoid any potential mess. 

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