How to Determine the Toner End-of-life If Your Printer Doesn't Show the Toner Level

If your printer model experiences frequent firmware updates blocking your compatible toner's chip each time, a great affordable alternative to keep your machine running is to use a toner cartridge with a reused OEM chip. While these chips make the cartridge immune to firmware updates, they do not show an accurate toner level. Their end-of-life needs to be determined by faded print. 

How to Determine the Toner's End-of-life If Your Printer Doesn't Show the Toner Level

The following is a quick tip on how to easily tell when your black and color cartridges need to be replaced. 

1. Save and print the following KCMY color strips upon new toner installation.

KCMY color strips

2. When you feel your prints are lighter than you prefer, print the strips again to compare to the original print. You will see which specific colors have significantly faded to need a replacement.

3. Some people or businesses are okay with lighter print density and want to use up the toner as much as they can. If so, take out each color cartridge, hold it horizontally, and gently shake it flat side to side to redistribute the toner powder. Reinstall back into the machine and continue printing. 

Toner Models That Experience Frequent Firmware Updates

Currently, the following HP toner cartridges are available in remanufactured cartridges with reused OEM chip. They will not experience any chip issue with a firmware update and are post-tested for guaranteed performance. 

HP 58A, CF258A
HP 58X, CF258X
HP 89A, CF289A
HP 89X, CF289X
HP 89Y, CF289Y
HP 147A, W1470A
HP 147X, W1470X
HP 414A (W2020A, W2021A, W2022A, W2023A)
HP 414X (W2020X, W2021X, W2022X, W2023X)
HP 206A (W2110A, W2111A, W2112A, W2113A)
HP 206X (W2110X, W2111X, W2112X, W2113X)
HP 212A (W2120A, W2121A, W2122A, W2123A)
HP 212X (W2120X, W2121X, W2122X, W2123X)
HP 116A (W2060A, W2061A, W2062A, W2063A)
HP 215A (W2310A, W2311A, W2312A, W2313A)

Contact us today to learn more about what option might best suit your needs. 

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