26AWG High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet - Black -25FT

26AWG High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet - Black -25FT

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25FT HDMI Male to HDMI Male Cable With Ethernet - White

High Speed HDMI Cable from Ohmycables.com are high speed certified andmeet the latest specification and standards for HDMi Cables.

Hdmi cables with Ethernet are capable of transferring uncompresed high-definition digital audio and video with the use of a single cable. Our HDMi cables can be used for many devices including Blu-Ray players, HDTVs, DVD Players, Game Consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360, cable and satelite home receivers, among others. 

Our 25ft HDMI Cable supports the following HDMi features:

Ethernet Channel - HDMI technology consolidates audio, video, and data transfer throught he use of a single code. 

High Definition Audio - HDMI cables support many high definition audio formats, such as SA-CD, DVD-audio, DTS-HD, and Dolby TrueHD

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